About us

Khalneo is a small cattery of gentle giants, Maine Coons. Maine Coon is known as the largest breed of cats and has conquered our hearts during visit of international cat show in Ljubljana in 2010. Two years and lots of research later our first Maine Coon from Croatia joined our family. Khalči or Felis Admiranda B'Khal Drogo with his wonderful temper proved us that we made a right decision. Soon we realised that he needs some cat companionship and after a year a Polish blue and big beuty, Armi aka PL*Ashabelle Neo Armanni  was introduced to our home. With both of them we started competining in cat shows, where both of them were successful, especially Armi, who gained already 20 Best in Shows and quite many luxurious titles by now. Through participation in cat shows, learning about the breed and meeting different breeders, the idea of breeding began to emerge. Therefore in 2014 our home was richer by one more family member, Rubi or Quinta Rubina Caramellocoon*CZ, our first breeding queen. And with her also our cattery Khalneo was born, named after our legends Khal and Neo Armanni.

Our small cattery is first and foremost our home, where all our cats are our family members and live with us all the time. Breeding is our hobby in order to enable also someone else to feel and experience, what we do every day sharing our lives with this fantastic breed. Mission of our ethical breeding is healthy, socialised and fitting to prescribed standard Maine Coons. We make sure that every our kitten finds the right loving home with carefully chosen new owners, with whom we wish to stay in touch throughout the whole lifespan of Khalneo kittens in order to offer support and advice if needed and to be informed about their wellbeing.  

All our breeding cats are genetically tested for HCM, PK def and SMA. We do regular ultrasound check-ups of their hearts and kidneys. For all of them we also do X-ray of their hips and have them evaluated for hip dysplasia. 

For more information about our cattery and our cats you can write to us: info@khalneo.si.